Events on a budget

Want to create an impact but don't have a lot of budget? There's a ton of really good things you can do without it costing the roof! Here's some handy tips :

- Lights - they make a huge impact - if you can uplight a space it will create atmosphere for cheap

- Centerpieces - centerpieces don't have to be expensive - from something small to a vase with flowers through to something more elaborate, this is a key focus that also makes people feel more positive at an event (it's one of those subconscious messages). Super low budget? Consider candles at the very leastfor mood lighting.

- Carpet - want to make an impact on arrival? A simple red carpet will do wonders - everyone wants to walk on the red carpet! Most venues have carpets in-house you can use.

- Balloons - I've never been a huge fan of balloons but lately these have really improved in colours and styles, and nowadays the trend is back to do beautiful balloon arches or garlands for impact. It doesn't have to be expensive ...

The event below had a few main components as an example ..... the centerpiece consisted of a LED light on a mirror, and a white flower stand. Chair covers were mainly black, with scattered black/white stripe covers to stay in line with the square look we were going for.

Uplighst and venue lights completed the rest of the picture!

Chat to one of our team if you want to see how you can make an impact at your next event.