Acrylic Tumblers

These vintage acrylic tumblers make gorgeous vases for any table! Colour: Vintage Linen


Vintage table number boxes

Gorgeous and multi functional.

$8.00 each

Fishbowl vase 12cm

A medium fishbowl vase, measuring 12cm x 11cm.

Fishbowl vase 15cm

A medium fishbowl, measuring 15cm diameter.


 Fishbowl vase 24cm

Large fishbowl vases, ideal for round tables and make magnificent centrepieces.
Measuring 24cm x 20cm


Torpedo Vase

A gorgeous, tall torpedo vase, measuring 15cm x 60cm.


Large stem wine glass vase

Large stem wine glass. Measuring 24cm wide, 80cm tall. 3 in stock.


Green Hurricane Vase

Green Hurricane Vase, Measuring 24cm x 28cm


Clear Angle Bud Vase

Clear angle bud vase. Measuring 5cm x 20cm. 8 in stock.


Black Angle Cut Bud Vase

Black angle cut bud vase. Measuring 5cm x 26cm. 12 in stock.


Square glass holders / tealight candle size 4cmx4cm

These square small glass holders are great for either tealights or square candles.

$2.00 each

Square Vase 8cmx8cm

Small square vase. Measuring 8cm


Square Vases 10cmx10cm

10cmx10cmx10cm - great for smaller posies or multiple vases on the table.


Square Mirror Vases 14cm x 14cm

These gorgeous vases measure 14cm square. Great for fresh flowers, candles or adding a mirror for effect.

$6.00 each

Square Vase 15cm x 15cm

Square clear vase, 15cm.


Square Vase 10cm x 30cm H

Medium square vase. Measuring 10cm x 30cm.


Square Vase 13cm x 50cm H

Long square vase. Measuring 13cm x 50cm


Large Martini Glass Vase 40cm (Narrow shape)

Large Martini glass Vase, Beautiful as an centerpiece, Tall enough to not to be an obstruction for guest. Measuring 40cm tall


Large Martini Glass Vase 50cm (Narrow shape)

Large Martini glass Vase, Beautiful as an centerpiece, Tall enough to not to be an obstruction for guest. Measuring 50cm tall


Large Martini Glass Vase 50cm 

Large Martini glass Vase, Beautiful as an centerpiece, Tall enough to not to be an obstruction for guest. Measuring 50cm tall, 25cm wide.


Como Hollow Bowl

Como hollow bowl. Measuring 18.5cm x 12cm


Black Splash Frilly Vase

Black splash vase. Measuring 22cm x 26cm.


Eye Vase 30cm H

Eye vase. Measuring 16cm x 30cm. 9 in stock.


Round Glass Bowls

Large round shallow vase. Measuring 32cm x 11.5cm.


Round Shallow Bowl

Round lower bowl. Measuring 23.5cm x 8cm.


Large oversized wine glasses

Large size, 80cm tall, 24cm wide. 3 in stock.


Candy Buffet Jars

A selection of apothecary jars for candy buffets - contact us for specific sizes. Gorgeous jars with ribbon or coloured candy.

From $10.00 - $20.00

Selection of Vases

Clear & Purple, all sizes. Great for mixed centrepieces.

Price on Application

Purple Goblets

Great for centrepieces or vases. Purple 1930's inspired glass.


Purple Vintage Tumblers

Great tumblers, inspired by the 1930's. Great as vases or with candles.


Eiffel Tower Vases - Tall White

2 sizes avaialable.

63cm H - $7

75cm H - $8

String vases - coloured or clear

These georgeous mini vases has a wire that connects them all - hang them or place them around a centrepiece for a great effect.

$5.00 p/string

Selection of TinWare & Plastic

A large selection of containers/vases in colour, different shapes/sizes.


Grass Square mats

Great to be used as part of centrepieces. Measures 30cm.


Cylinder Vases - 25cm height

diameter 10cm, height 25cm.



Cylinder Vases - 15cm height

diameter 10cm, height 15cm.


Cylinder Vases - height 22cm

diameter 10cm.


Cylinder Vase - 50cm

Cylinder Vase 50cm (H) x 15cm (D)

$8.00 Per Vase

Cylinder curved vases

Measure 21.5cm tall, curved bases.


Flare Vases

Gorgeous flare vases. 20cm diameter, 25cm height


Apothecary and candy jars

A selection of great apothecary jars - please contact us for a price list on these. Sizes from small to large.


Ribbed jars / vases

Great for vintage styled events. Can be used as candy jars or floral vases.


Bud vases

Great multi functional bud vases. Approx height 9cm.


Terrarium - Larger

Larger terrarium.


Terrarium - Smaller size

Smaller sized terrarium vase.


Vintage Blue Vases

A selection of vintage style blue vases, all different but matches for a great setting. 12 different styles.

$2 each

Large Fluted Stem vase

Silver base - great as an urn or vase - 55cm tal.