Picnic Baskets

Variety of picnic baskets in different sizes and colours. All picnic baskets are lined on the inside and doesn't include any glassware/crockery or cutlery.

$10 each

Giant Jenga

Large jenga blocks.


Garden Chess

Pieces measure up to 30cm tall and the total mat width is 1.4m x 1.4m


Boules / Petanque

Petanque set, silver balls. 8 ball set.


Picnic rugs

Plastic underside, comfortable for up to 2 people only.


Small milk bottles

Great for serving drinks at your picnic or event.

$2 each (for purchase not rent)

Vintage Serving Tray

Vintage tray


Green Vintage Tray

Green vintage tray for serving or as a prop. 2 in stock.


String lights

Add string lights with or without lanterns, festoon lights or small fairylights around trees.


Limbo game

Great for picnic or events.


Large 4 in  a row game

Large garden or picnic game. 47.5 x 15.5 x 37 cm.


Garden Candle Holders

133cm in height, a smoke colour and comes with the vase and LED wax candle.


Drink Dispenser

Drink dispenser. Holds 6 litres.


Outdoor Cushions

Outdoor cushions - various styles.


Market Umbrellas 

White. Stand additional $5.


Festoon lights

$50 for a 17m string, $80 for a 25m string

Bean Bags

Variety of colours