Bar Leaner Covers - Black Lycra

Very elegant looking black lycra covers for barleaners. Bar leaners also available for rent.


Bar Leaner Covers - Red Lycra

Beautiful lycra red covers. These hang straight down but can be twisted as showed in the picture. 12 in stock.

Bar Leaner Covers / Overlays - Black White Striped

Large 2.2m overlays. 10 in stock.

$18 each

Bar Leaner Covers - Black Lace 

Beautiful black lace (Floral motiv) covers, looks great over white. Measures square approx 1.2m. 8 in stock.

$10.00 each

Bar Leaner tops

These are great "tops" that go over bar leaners - do one colour at the bottom and this for a highlight on the top (white / blue or black / blue).


Bar leaner covers - Sequin (Pink, blue)

Hot pink and blue


Drapes - White 

A section of white drapes. Measures up to 3m tall, 150cm wide sections.

$20 p/section

$80+GST - aditional 3 x 3 drape support

Chair Covers - White Lycra

White covers.


Chair covers - Black Lycra

Fits most chairs.

$5 each

Chair covers - Black/White stripe

Looks gorgeous!


Chair Covers - Dark Grey

Stretch - Lycra for standard chairs for weddings.


Runners - Red

Made from a beautiful deep rich, ideal for Asian themed events.


Runners - Satin - Moss Green

Standard satin runners 


Runners - Satin - White

Standard white satin runners


Table Runners - Organza or Satin

A range of colours, ask us for your specific colour. Measures 3m x 25cm.


Runners - Satin - Royal Blue

Beautiful royal blue satin runners. Measures 27cm x240cm . 30 in stock.


Runners - Sequin - Royal Blue / Navy Blue

Standard size.


Runners - Satin - Teal


Runners - Satin - Gold


Runners - Black/White Polka Dot 

Measuring 2m long and 35cm wide, these are great for a bold statement on any table. Need centrepieces or matching candelabra's? See also black wine glasses and black candelabra's. 20 in stock.

$5.00 each

Runners - Hessian

Measures 260cm long, 30cm wide.


Runners - Hessian and Lace 

Hessian table runner with lace. 30cm wide.


Runners - Sequin - Silver

Gorgeous runners.


Runners - Satin stripe 

Black / White satin stripe runners.


Sashes - Gold satin 

Beautiful gold sashes.

$2.50 each

Sashes - Gold Organza

Beautiful gold sashes.


Sashes - Purple Satin

Deep purple satin sashes.

$2.50 each

Sashes - Deep Red satin

Measures 270cm long.


Sashes - Pink satin

Gorgeous in pink.

$2.50 each

Sashes - Satin Blush


Sashes - Hessian

240cm long, 16cm wide.


Sashes - Organza Dark Grey

Standard measurements.


Sashes -organza mint


Sashes - Organza - Apple

Crisp green colour


Sashes Organza - Tiffany Blue

Tiffany blue sashes


Sashes - Frilly Blue

Light blue frilly sash. Perfect for weddings or birthday functions.

$1.50 (add a white lycra band for an extra $1.50)

Sashes - Organza navy blue


Sashes - Satin - Teal


Sashes - Satin - Green


Sashes - Satin - Orange


Sashes - Organza - Burnt Orange

two tone


Lycra Bands - Black


Lycra Bands - Black with Buckle


Lycra Band with or without sparkle buckle - Blue

Lycra blue band with buckle. Please enquire about other colours.

$1.80/2.00 each

Lycra Bands - White - with or without buckle

Bands for chair covers.


Lycra Bands - Gold

With or without buckles


Drapes - Gold Sequin Curtain

3m drop, 5 pieces sewn together to make a comfortable 4m wide width (scrunched).

Backdrop support additional $80 +GST for a 3x3m.


Drapes - Black Organza Curtain

A black organza curtain, measuring 12m total and in sections of approx 3m width, height of 3m.
$12.00 p/section

Drapes - Red Velvet

Crushed red velvet drapes, great for curtain sides or for an effective backdrop. Measures 3mx150cm sections. 4 in stock.

$25.00 p/section

$120 for a 3 x 3 drape section with support structure

Drapes - Silver Sequin Curtain

Panels measuring 4m wide, 2.5m drop.


Drapes - Purple Velvet

Purple velvet drapes

$25 p/section

$120 for a 3x3 section with support structure

Drapes - White Velvet

White velvet drape panels, 3m drop, $15+GST per section.

For a 3m drop, 6m long section with draping poles, $120 +GST


Drapes - Black

Black lightweight drape, matt one side, gloss reverse. $15 p/section, 3m drop, 1.2m approx width.


Drapes - Tiffany Blue Organza

4 sections of 3m drops available

$25 p/section


Talk to us about your draping requirements and colours and we can put a quote together for you.


Drapes - Velvet red

Crushed velvet drapes, 2400 Height x 1500 Wide. 30 pieces available.


Drape - White with swag

$250 with backdrop support - 6m x 3m drop

$100 drape only

Drape - Red / White Stripe

Approx 4m, 3m drop, drape only - support poles additional


Drape Backdrop with scallops - White

Wedding Backdrop with Scalloped Edge. Add lights for $120 +GST extra


Movie Curtain

Red velvet curtains on both sides, red swag with gold trim at the top. Comes wtih a backdrop support system, 4m wide, 3m height/drop.

$350 setup & removal included

Overlays - Hessian Square 

Approx 1.2m square hessian cloths. Plain hessian.


Overlays - White/Red Check

These measure 1x1m and ideal for Western events, over a white tablecloth. Measures 1mx1m.


Overlay - Blue tropical

2.2m square overlays


Overlay - Orange tropical

2.2m square overlays.


Overlays - Red square

Approx 1.2m square


Overlays - Yellow

Approx 1.2m square


Overlays - Blue

Approx 1.2m square


Overlays - Green

Approx 1.2m square


Overlays - Organza - Silver 1.2m

Square 1.2m

Organza Overlays - Gold 210cm

Measures 210cm.


Overlays - Leopard Print

Make your event stand out with these overlays. Measures 90"


Overlays - Organza - Champagne 2.1m

Champagne. Square


Overlays - Organza - Red 2.2m

Measures 2.2m square


Tablecloths Sequin  274cm - Champagne

Make a statement with this beautiful champagne sequin tablecloth.


Tablecloths - Navy Blue Satin 

Measures just over 3m diameter. Make an impression.


Drape Support

3 x 3m drape support which includes 2 base plates, 2 uprights and 1 crossbar. No drapes included. For larger sizes please enquiry.

$80 +GST

Top Hat Draping Attachment

For double draping. 2 available


Napkins - Red

Red napkins


Napkins - Purple


Napkins, Linen - Silver

Ask us for colours - we have in stock silver, navy blue, purple and red