Floating Oil Burners

Copper floating oil burners - 2 matt and 2 gloss copper. 4 in stock. Hired with oil.
$40.00 each

Icicle Lights

Great lights, connecting ends to make different lengths. Inside or outside use. Warm White. Connectable sets.

3M Clear line section: $20 

5M White line price: $25.00
12M Cear line price: $60.00

Meteor Lights

Beautiful flowing light tubes, 1m height, string of 10m.


Lantern Light Strings

Beautiful lanterns on an electric wire for your event. Please let us know which colour and length you require.

Price on Application

Flame Lights

Flame lights, 15x15cm - electricity powered.


LED Willow Tree

Measures 3 m tall, 2.4 m wide - spectacular tree to make a spectacular entrance at any event. Price inclusive of setup and breakdown (central Aucland only, for different areas please enquire).


Fairylight Curtain with backing

Measures 6m with a 3m drop. Add this with a white or black organza, POA. Also available without backing, and with organza.
Available in bright white lights or warm white lights.


Chandelier Crystal - Large

This chandelier measures approx 80cm wide, 1.5m drop. No lights. Has a large hook for hooking on to the ceiling. 2 available.


5 Candle holder candelabra

5 Candle holder candelabra, Silver (candles additional $2.50 each).


Red Candelabra

5 arms for tapers, measures 42cm. 27 in stock.


Sphere Candle Holders

Measures approx 30cm, a silver wired sphere - looks great on a mirror or even with some greenery or flowers draped through. 13 in stock.

$15.00 sphere alone with tealights

Teardrop Tealight Holders

These gorgeous teardrop style tealight holders are great if hung from trees or ceilings.

$2.50 each with standard candle

Round Ball Hanging Tealight holder

Hanging tealight or flower holder


Kerosene lamps

A variety of large kerosene lamps. These come in different colours - yellow, red, black, blue.
$5.00 each

Floor standing Candleabra

A tall floor standing candelabra, requires 3  candles at the top. Great for weddings or events.


5 Tealight Tall Candelabra Stand

5 Tealight tall candelabra stand. Measuring 142cm tall and fits tealights.


Clear Square Cube Candle Holder

Clear tea light square cube. measuring 6.5cm x 6.5cm.


Tea Light Holder Bowl Shape

Tea Light Holder Bowl. measuring 7.5cm x 3cm.


Frosted Votive

Frosted votive. Measuring 5.5cm x 7cm. Candles not included.


Red Votive

Red Votive. Measuring 5.5cm x 7cm. Candles not included.


Red Votive With Lip

Red votive with lip. measuring 5.5cm x 7cm. Candle not included.


Tea Light Flower Holder

Tea light flower holder. Measuring 11cm x 4.5cm. Tealights not included.


Red Decorative Cylinder

Red decorative cylinder. Measuring 5.5cm x 7cm. Candles not included.


Silver Decorative Cylinder

Silver decorative cylinder. Measuring 5.5cm x 7cm. Candles not included.


12 Arm Scroll Chandelier

66cm H / 80cm D


Frosted Votive Lamp With Battery Led Flame 

Frosted votive lamp with battery led flame. Measuring 7cm x 8cm.


Large Black Bamboo Lantern

Gorgeous large bamboo lanterns, can be hung. Measures 40cm tall and 80cm wide. Candles not included. 2 in stock.


Moroccan Lanterns

A variety of different sizes, these are great for any Arabian styled event.


Yellow Lanterns

Gorgeous and bright, 2 sizes available.

25cm: $6 each
30cm: $8 each

Lighthouse Tealight Holders

Great as centrepieces, and for any nautical themed wedding or event. 28 of these in stock. A standard 4-hour tealight is included.

$4.00 each

Tealight Lanterns - various colours

These come in grey, green, pink. Includes a tealight.


Silver Lanterns

Gorgeous silver lanterns, comes with a tealight.


Tall Oil Lanterns

Great outdoor oil lanterns, from a Danish designer. Great for entrances. Comes with oil. 2 in stock. in the picture decorated with ivy. Email us for a close-up picture.

$15.00 each

Bamboo Lanterns

Great for beach, hawaiian or garden parties.


Tealight Holders - purple / red / silver / gold

These are great little tealight holders with a diamante section just under the top line. 7cm.

$2.00 each

White Lanterns

Gorgeous white lantern with butterfly decor. Measures 28cm.


LED Lights

Small LED lights, yellow or bright white candle glow. Waterproof LED's also available.

$1.00 each


2 sizes, larger (approx 4cm) $0.80, smaller $0.50

$0.80 / $0.50

Colourful Tealight Holders

These are larger than a votive size, comes in all the colours in the picture (black, red, blue, purple, yellow, orange and red).

$3 each

Antique Gold Votive Candle Holder

Gorgeous in gold.


Garden Candle Holders

Great tall candle holders that stick into grass. Measures 133cm in height, colour smoke. Comes with the glass vase that fits into the holder and a 22cm tall wax LED candle (no open flame). 

$8 ($6 without the candle)

Silver Rimmed tall tealight holders

Measures 30cm tall.


Flower tealight holders

Gorgeous tealight holders that stick into floral arrangements.

$3 each

Black tea light candle holders

These are amazing and can be used as centrepieces to decorate your tables at your events

Measurements 6.6cms tall (approx) 4.7cms wide (approx)


Ribbed tealight holders

Gorgeous tealight holders, vintage style to match ribbed jars. No tealight candles included.


Nautical tea light holders

Perfect centrepieces for boating events or summer events

comes in 3 sizes:10cm, 14cm, 20cm


LED Apple Trees

2 in stock. 1.8m tall.


Cherry Blossom Tree 1.8m

Measures 1.8m in height. Bright white. 4 in stock.

$220 includes setup/breakdown and delivery/pickup

LED Bonsai Apple Trees

Measures 40cm tall, gorgeous little trees for centrepieces.


LED Twig Chandelier

Great for weddings. Measures 71cm from top to bottom, 70cm wide. 2 available.


X light festoon style

Measure approx 30cm tall.


Festoon Lights - Vintage, warm white - clear bulbs

16m strings.


Festoon lights - Coloured Bulbs

Light weight plastic bulbs, heavy duty wire. 10m sections, connectable.


LED Candles

With real wax - 2 sizes available, 7.5cm diameter.

15cm H - $3

7.5cm H - $2.50

Floor Standing Candelabra - 5 candle

Heavy cast iron, 5 candle holder.


Candelabra 5-candle - straight

Cast iron 5 candle holder.


Candelabra Black - 5 candle

Table candelabra 42cm, 5 taper candle holder.


Fairylight curtain

6m long, 3m drop - bright white or warm white available. With backdrop support and installation.


$220 DIY installation

Candle Holders - single taper

Measures 12cm & 29cm. Holds a single taper candlestick.

$4 12cm

$6 29cm

Copper Lantern

Battery operated, these copper lanterns are great for any event.


Copper Tealight Candle Holders

Votive style, gorgeous in copper.


Wire Candle Holders with glass insert

Wire candle holders - large vases supported by wire - can either hang or use as decoration in your vintage setup.


White Rippled Candle Holders

Ripple effect, square white candle holders. 2 sizes, 16x8cm, 8x8cm.

$4 and $2

Smokey Tealight candle holder

Lampshade style.


Jaipur Lantern

Height 25cm, width 21cm.


Mumbai Lantern Medium

Height 30cm / Width 26cm


Gold Candle Sticks

30cm tall, versatile with candles on top, a small fishbowl or the base for a floral arrangement.


Seed Lights

1m, 2m and 5m strings for rent.


Eat Here Light up sign


Ice Cream Light up sign


CIRCUS lights

50cm height. $30 individual letters or $100 for the set


Votive Etched glass

Tealight candle holder