Kids Tables & Chairs

Great for kids parties. A variety of colours.

Chairs $2, tables $5

Bar Leaners - Silver

Great functional bar leaners, silver, to be used on their own or with covers. 10 in stock on double-tier, 2 of single tier. Measures 110cm height. We also have beautiful lycra covers in black or red for these - $12.00

$35.00 for tables, $12 for cloths

Trestle tables

Measures 1.8m long. Foldable for easy pickup.


Round Table with centre hole

An unusual, functional table that measures 2m in diameter and has wheels for easy moving. Great for using with a human centrepiece.


Retro Bar

A retro bar on wheels - black and brown with 3 bar stools.


Small side table

Small wooden side table.


Wooden Trellis Structure

This structure measures approx 6m x 2m height, 6 posts and cross beams.


Pillows - various

A selection of various pillows.

from $5 each

Pillows - Red Velvet

Red velvet pillows.

$5 each

Pillows - Black velvet

Black velvet pillows.

$5 each

Pillows - Light Khaki/natural velvet

Pillows in soft velvet.

$5 each

Vintage suitcases

Different sizes and colours. Many uses.


Benches - Wooden

A very versatile wooden bench - great to use under draped material, or on its own.


Large 1.83m Easels

We have 9 of these easels - great if you want to keep things simple. The level of these easels make anything on it at eye level, which is great. Two similar styles to chose from 

$35.00 each

Large 2m Decorative easel

A gorgeous 2m tall easel - make a statement with this at your wedding or event!


Table Easel - Cream

Made from cast iron this is a great wedding or special event easel. Placed on the floor or table top is no problems.


Painted Bookshelves

Bookshelves (approx 1.8m tall) - painted on board, these look fantastic in the right setting. Please ask us for a larger picture if requested.

$8.00 each (2 available)

Rocking Chair

Versatile item, does have lose country-style (or 70's) cushions to suit.


Wooden 4-panel screen

Waxed cedar wood 4-panel screen. 2 only in stock.


Bean bags

Bean bags, large. Multi coloured.


Gold Frame

Large gold frame - for vinal lettering on this please ask pricing.


White Picket Fence

3m sections

$35 per 3m section, $15 for end posts

Ottomans - Hessian

Round hessian ottomans - great seats.


Coffee Table with Marble Top

Coffee table with marble top, with black legs.


Hexagon Coffee Table

Hexagon coffee table mint free and white.


LED Cubes

50cm cubes - great for seats or coffee tables.


Cushions - Outdoor

4 only - 2 tan, 2 bright/white as in picture


Bar Stool

Charcoal. Only 4 in stock.


Retro Cushions

Positive vibes ...